Set Of Sokkia B40 – Tripod Stand And Levelling Staff

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Sokkia Auto Level – B40 – 010385 – Set Of Sokkia B40 – Tripod Stand And Levelling Staff

Product Code: 4862755
Place of Origin:
Brand Name:
Sokkia, Sokkia
Model Number:
Product name:
Sokkia Level B40
magnetic damping system
Object operture:
Minium focus:
Water resistance:


Set Of Sokkia B40 – Tripod Stand And Levelling Staff

World-Proven Precision and Durability SOKKIA B Series automatic levels feature enhanced reliability under all environmental conditions. Tough and compact bodies are more tightly sealed against water, humidity and dust. The B series levels provide quick setup, easy sighting, and superior durability against vibration and shock, ensuring the increased productivity over an extra-long period of time. The B series Sokkia Auto levels incorporate the most precise and reliable compensator available in the market today. The optimally designed telescope provides exceptionally bright and sharp view that reduces operator’s eye strain. Quick collimation and horizontal angle measurement combine for fast and easy aiming of layout and alignment tasks. The market- and time-proven B series automatic levels provide outstanding precision for a multitude of leveling tasks. Comes with a set of levelling tripod and levelling staff.

Upgraded to Sokkia B40A (New Improved Model)

Magnification 24X, Superior Telescope, Quick Collimation

Rapid & Easy setup

Horizontal Angle measurement

Precise, Reliable Automatic compensator

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