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Topographic Map of a site in Asaba, Nigeria
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The Surveyors World is an online and offline engineering surveying consulting firm in Nigeria. With an online shop design for Surveying and Engineering professionals. At The Surveyors World, We sells on all kinds of Surveying equipment, and Geographic Information System Software (GIS).  We also sells engineering Equipment and Design Software. We have been in existence since 2012 as a consultant in Land surveying and engineering industry.

At The Surveyors World, we train in surveying equipment and GIS software, Building Design services, Estate development Services, Town Planning Services, Mapping and Visualization GIS Services, electrical and mechanical engineering design services. We have track records that has kept us tall till date. We have branches partners across the country and also international partners. You are free to register with us as a partner today. We look forward partnering with you!!!

We sells Surveying equipment and GIS Software and deliver it to you nationwide at an affordable price.

"I have been training graduate and non graduate surveyors since 2012 in surveying equipment and GIS software. All my students are doing great in the profession around the world today. Book for a refreshing course with The Surveyors World and enjoy life without stress as a professional."

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  1. Eze Okechukwu. S

    It is so nice in having such a platform where one easily request for tools. I really appreciate you all for creating this online marketing shop,i believe it will lead to the more advancement in the surveying, Engineering and other technical courses.

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