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THE SURVEYORS WORLD is a unique, dynamic firm with a renown and seasoned professionals that focuses on human capacity building and enterprise development – helping corporate institution to achieve growth through staff productivity, individuals to attain professionalism and businesses to achieve high sustainable performance. We deliver a cutting edge services and creative innovation and insights to our clients and help them improve their system and processes. We are reputable for the development and delivery of innovative business solution – we are committed to human effectiveness and productivity.

At THE SURVEYORS WORLD , our uniqueness is borne out of the passion for excellence, a love of challenge and a proven capacity to deliver results. We place a great value on ethical business practices, social consciousness, and a respect for others in all areas of life. The conduct of our business reflects these values.

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Our own idea of rendering professional services is to grow with client and be the best friend to call in the time of need. We take interest in the business survival of our clients and have been able to develop personalized services to suit the need of our selected clients.

We are a team of talented, creative and client oriented professionals dedicated to the task of helping clients manage their organizational, information flow, strategy and human resources more effectively. We provide a wide range of business solution that ensures the integration of technology with key business functions. We understand the relationship between an organization’s information flow, strategy, structure and the various management systems and so we are able to provide solutions that are both practicable and profitable.

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Our experienced, excellent and highly motivated team, along with assurance of exceptional customer service for both our clients and their customers contribute to the overall successful program execution, which we take pride in providing each and every client with whom we work.

Our Vision
To become a household name in business development consulting in Nigeria for personal and organizational efficiency, growth, productivity and profitability.

Our Mission
To bring a dedicated team of specialists to bear in developing and delivering innovative solutions to bridge the knowledge and skills gaps to help our clients meet their business goals.

At THE SURVEYORS WORLD, we pride ourselves on the quality and range of products and services we offer to our customers.  We supply everything from the simplest of survey accessory such as nails or spray paint through to the full range of surveying equipment,  total stations and RTK.
With years of experience in providing a quality service to the civil engineering, surveying and construction industries we are committed to innovating the service we can provide to our customers by adding new innovative products, solutions and services to our customers.

About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how to become a professional in your profession

The Surveyors World is a registered business name to operate in Consulting and Training in Surveying & Geoinformatics, Online Shop. It is design for Surveying and Engineering professionals.
At The Surveyors World, We sells on all kinds of Surveying equipment and Geographic Information System Software (GIS).
We also sells and provides services in engineering Equipment and Design, Building Design services, Estate development Services, Town Planning Services, Mapping and Visualization GIS Services, electrical and mechanical engineering design services. We have been in existence since
2012 as a consultant in surveying and engineering industry.

At The Surveyors World, we train in surveying equipment and GIS software. We handled all kind of data processing using the best techniques in the field of practices.
We have track records that has kept us tall till date. We have branches partners across the country
and also international partners. You are free to register with us as a partner today.
We look forward partnering with you!!!

We sells Surveying equipment and GIS Software and deliver it to you nationwide at an affordable price.

“I have been training graduate and non graduate surveyors since 2012 in surveying equipment
and GIS software. All my students are doing great in the profession around the world today.
Book for a refreshing course with The Surveyors World and enjoy life without stress as a professional.”
Digital Prof. Surveyor


What We Do

Engineering Surveying
We Design and build

We deals on all surveying equipment, GIS Software, Engineering book & Tools.

Call us today and let help you out in providing the best quality tools for your field work.


From site visitation, to completion of the project, TSW is known to be the best as a professional surveyor. Try us today and feel the impart of professionalism.

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