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Our team of dedicated & Professional Engineers and Surveyors are experts in a wide range of practice areas. Whether you’re an individual or a corporation, we have the experience and results-driven mindset that you need on your side.

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Offering the best in both quality and durability. Your job requires you to use the highest-quality surveying equipment and tools, which is why Engineering Supply sells the most recognized manufacturers of commercial-grade surveying instruments. All of our products will stand up to daily commercial use, which is why you should buy your tools from us.






Engineering surveying is the branch of surveying that involves the measurement and representation of land, topographic features, and structures for the purpose of designing, constructing, and maintaining engineered projects. This can include things like roads, bridges, buildings, pipelines, and other infrastructure. Engineering surveys are typically more precise than other types of surveys and involve the use of specialized equipment and techniques.

At The Surveyors World, these are Some common tasks performed by our professional engineering surveyors which include:

  • Measuring and mapping the land to establish a reference frame for the project
  • Determining elevations and grades for the construction of roads, buildings, and other structures
  • Establishing horizontal and vertical control points to ensure the accuracy of the survey
  • Analyzing the geotechnical and geophysical characteristics of the site to inform the design and construction of the project
  • Providing input for the design and layout of the project
  • Monitoring the construction process to ensure that it is being carried out in accordance with the plans

TSW Engineering surveyors often work closely with engineers, architects, and other professionals to ensure that the project is completed safely, efficiently, and to the required standards. We also work with regulatory agencies to ensure that the project meets all necessary codes and standards.


TSW Drone surveying, also known as unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) surveying, is the use of drones equipped with cameras and other sensors to collect data for mapping and surveying purposes. Drone surveying can be used to quickly and safely survey large areas or structures that are difficult to access on foot, such as steep slopes, rugged terrain, or buildings with complex roofs.

TSW has Some common applications of drone surveying include:

  • Mapping and topographic surveying: Drones can be used to create high-resolution maps and 3D models of the earth’s surface, including terrain, vegetation, and man-made features.

  • Land development and construction: Drones can be used to monitor construction sites, track progress, and identify potential problems or delays. They can also be used to create as-built drawings, which show the actual layout of a construction project as it is being built.

  • Infrastructure inspection: Drones can be used to inspect infrastructure such as bridges, pipelines, and power lines, identifying any damage or defects that need to be repaired.

  • Environmental monitoring: Drones can be used to monitor and assess the condition of natural resources, such as forests, wetlands, and coastlines, and to identify any changes or degradation over time.

Drone surveying services are best and with our professional team, we are known for delivering quality service. 



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In many cases, we charge less than actual shipping costs, meaning our warehouses ship your order and we pay the actual freight, but you only pay for shipping that our shopping cart calculates. Many times what you pay is less than actual. We also have some products that run Free Shipping specials.

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We’ve been online now since 1999 and have figured out how to get orders shipped quickly and answers to questions turned around in short time.

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We are authorized dealers for the brands we sell. We buy directly from the manufacturers, so that you receive only new factory-fresh merchandise, with a full USA warranty. We do not buy ‘seconds’ or refurbished merchandise.

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No hidden handling charges, nothing. You get charged for what your order and receipt has shown.

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We’re not only about Blueprint Storage, Drawing Tubes, and Drafting Chairs. We have quite a selection of Specialty Equipment for specialized tasks. Specialized Equipment like Pipe and Cable Locators, Magnetic Locators, Planimeters, Total Stations, Inspection Tools, and more.

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We firmly believe our team of employees is the reason for our success and treat them well. All employees are in-house with no outsourcing of customer support personnel, and no part-time help. When you contact us you get a vested and trained full-time team member ready with the desire to help. We all work with and see each other daily within the same building here in Virginia. We work hard and truly care about what we’re doing.

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Years of product knowledge with employees that have worked in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction field actually using many of the products we represent, and have been online since 1999. This combined experience puts us in first place when it comes to selecting a supplier.

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We rarely advertise and most of our business comes from word-of-mouth and repeat customers. We are recommended by many of our manufacturers as the place to shop.

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