How to Handle Land Disputes With Neighbors Using Land Surveying

Land disputes over property boundaries with neighbors are commonplace. When moving to a new property or building new construction, you may have disagreements with neighbors about the exact property lines. Going into these conflicts with an understanding of how to best resolve land disputes will help the process go smoothly. When Property Disputes Arise Sometimes, […]

How to Calibrate Your Land Surveying Equipment for Optimal Accuracy

Accurate land surveying relies heavily on the precision of the equipment used to collect data. Misaligned or poorly calibrated equipment can result in significant errors, impacting the overall quality and reliability of a survey. Therefore, to maintain high accuracy in land surveying, it is essential to regularly calibrate your equipment. Preparation Before Calibration Before you […]

How Land Surveying Services Help With Pre-Construction Project Planning

When building new construction, many property owners want to get their project off the ground as soon as possible. While it is tempting to go fast, it is west do due diligence and plan ahead before the project starts. Pre-construction land surveying is an important step to do before beginning a construction project. However, many […]

Consulting a Professional Land Surveyor Before Buying a Home

Buying a house is one of the most important financial investments that most home buyers will make in their lives. Despite the enormity of the purchase, many home buyers act swiftly when they find the home that fits their needs, particularly in tight markets. While it is tempting to complete the process quickly, if you […]

Choosing the Best Utility Locator Equipment

Before excavation or outdoor construction can begin, a surveyor is called in to identify and mark boundaries and locate underground utilities. Having access to reliable utility locating equipment is essential for the safety of your crew, and for your bottom line. Underground utility locator equipment is an important investment; making the right choice will save […]

Bathymetry Survey Equipment Guide

Bathymetry Survey Equipment Guide The study of the sea and its topography has been vital for human construction, travel, science, and an additionally vast assortment of professional fields. Bathymetry, occasionally referred to as fathometry, is the study of the land underwater. The field of bathymetric survey has seen some major advancements in just the past […]

10 Road Construction Safety Tips

10 Road Construction Safety Tips According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), roughly 20,000 construction workers are injured each year in highway and road construction accidents. In fact, transportation incidents account for over 65% roadway worksite fatalities. As many as 100 construction workers are killed every year. Organizations like the Occupational Safety & Health Administration […]

How to Use GPS for Land Surveying

,Land surveying involves gathering information about the positions of certain points as well as the angles and distance between them. Through the use of certain instruments, surveyors can create maps, establish property lines, and gather important information for architects, engineers, and developers. The accuracy of land surveying measurements is dependent on the quality of the […]

list of surveying instruments and their uses

list of surveying instruments and their uses | ByTamilore Gibadi   What Is Surveying? Surveying is definedas a method of determining the relative position of the points on, above, or below the earth’s surface by taking direct or indirect measurements of distance, direction, and elevation. Two types of measurements are taken in surveying:  Linear measurements angular measurements. There are different types of surveying equipment used in civil engineering such as Chain, Theodolite, dumpy level, cross–staff, plane table, ranging road, measuring tapes, etc.        Importance of Surveying Planning and design of all civil engineering projects require measurements from surveying. Execution of work needs surveying too […]

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