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Offers Best Online Engineering Surveying Consulting Services

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    “This book Surveying Key point presents a classical
    approach in the field of surveying by providing a vivid
    insight into the theory and practical of surveying and its
    application through solving various problems in the field
    of surveying. Its depth and breadth also makes it ideal
    for self-study. It aims at helping students understand
    surveying more comprehensively through solving field
    related problems useful not only to Land Surveyors but
    also to all environmental and civil profession.
    A number of past questions and answers which are
    nowadays commonly used in many competitive
    examinations such as SURCON, COREN and
    NIQS/TPPC have been included on each topic to help
    the readers to get better score in such examinations. In
    keeping with the goal of providing an up-to-date
    presentation of surveying equipment and procedures,
    Total Stations are stressed as the instruments for
    making angular and distance observations. GPS is
    commonly used to establish controls, create maps, and
    lay out plans. EDM is used for making distance
    measurements only. Digital Levelling is used to
    determine the difference in height of points on the earth
    surface. The practicing Engineers and Surveyors will
    also find this book very useful in their career while
    preparing designs
    and layouts of various application-oriented projects.

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    1.0 INTRODUCTION This software is specially design to help mainly for survey computation in certain branches of survey The selected areas of survey in this version of the software include; cadastral, engineering, hydrographic and photogrammetry.

    >CADASTRAL Subdivisions of cadastral survey included in this version are; Field book reduction, Forward computation, Backward computation, area computation and plotting of cadastral plans (both black copy and key plan).

    ENGINEERING The only engineering computation included here is levelling computation.

    HYDROGRAPHY The only hydrographic computation included here is sounding reduction.

    > PHOTOGRAMMETRY There is no photogrammetry computation in this version, rather it contains google earth imagery for viewing and saving of earth imagery for further processing.

    > SURVEY MANAGER The survey manager allows you to store information about a completed project. the data stored in the database include the plan number, owner of property, date of project completion, address, amount, area of property, information about C of D and Red Copy.

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