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Tag: Hi Target DGPS

Hi Target DGPS

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  • New DGPS and it Accessories at affordable prices.

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    How GPS works?

    In five logical steps

    Here’s how GPS works in five logical steps:

    • The basis of GPS is “triangulation” from satellites.

      We’re using the word “triangulation” very loosely here because it’s a word most people can understand, but purists would not call what GPS does “triangulation” because no angles are involved. It’s really “trilateration.”

      Trilateration is a method of determining the relative positions of objects using the geometry of triangles.

    • To “triangulate,” a GPS receiver measures distance using the travel time of radio signals.
    • To measure travel time, GPS needs very accurate timing which it achieves with some tricks.
    • Along with distance, you need to know exactly where the satellites are in space. High orbits and careful monitoring are the secret.
    • Finally you must correct for any delays the signal experiences as it travels through the atmosphere.
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  • Multi-constellation satellite tracked

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    The world’s fifth-generation GNSS baseband chip TIANQIN, integrating 394 super channels, supporting multi-satellite system full-band satellite signal reception.

    Athena core GNSS engine

    Running Athena core GNSS engine offering improved initialization times, robustness in difficult environments, performance over long baselines and under scintillation.


    The receiver can receive our new GNSS global corrections service delivered via L-band satellite and internet to abtain centimeter-level positioning accuracy.

    aRTK technology

    Using aRTK technology to maintain positioning accuracy at a certain time when loss of GNSS has occurred.
    Combined antenna
    Using a new combined antenna, GNSS, WiFi, Bluetooth and 4G are integrated into one, and the wireless signal is better.
    Intelligent base station
    After the base station is started, if a positional offset occurs, the mobile station is notified of the alarm.
    Tilt measurement 2.0
    New tilt measurement algorithm for increased productivity.
    Bulit-in 4G network module
    More stable network communication.
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